CLJ Lancaster attended Loyola University, The American Academy of Art in Chicago, Illinois, and was a member of the Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Arts for many years. Many years ago she abandoned the occupation of illustrator to pursue painting in the traditional manner. Believing that contemporary American culture is driven by fast-paced hollow trends that rapidly emerge and recede, and finding this spiritually oppressive to seeking integral truths about passion and reason, CLJ desires to create paintings that reconcile imagination and understanding in symbolism. Connecting the invisible with the visible in the painting in a sanctuary-like escape from these current trends, singularly, in competition and even opposition with them. The paintings are a vehicle for penetrating clarity into one’s own visionary thought or intuition.

CLJ Lancaster has exhibited in Chicago, New York City, London, Toronto, Paris and Florence, and maintains a studio in West Redding, Connecticut, USA. CLJ Lancaster is a Fellow Member in the American Artist’s Professional League INC., an Associate Member of The Allied Artists of America, New York City, A Member of the New Haven Paint And Clay Club of Connecticut, An Associate member of the Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club, and a member of Connecticut Women Artists, INC.

A Note From The Artist:
“Many contemporary artists produce copious self-aggrandizing texts about their own production. These texts surreptitiously escort the viewer’s response to the artwork in a predetermined direction. I believe art should stand on its own, relying only on the viewers’ own knowledge and experience. Therefore, it can be difficult for me to re-conceptualize my art in words. Because of this, I encourage and invite conversation, comments and insights from any and all.”